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 Post subject: 2012-11-13: Houston, TX: Jones Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:04 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: 2012-11-13: Houston, TX: Jones Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:57 pm 
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Cut & paste from the pit; another one that looks good on paper

01. Waving Palms (played live as intro music behind the curtain. Curtain rises halfway through song to reveal Ed)
02. Can’t Keep
03. Sleeping By Myself

(Ed asks how the audience is doing and then, “can I say something? It kind of reminds me of Chicago with the fire flies and all these little lights. It is the camera flashes. You know when you would capture the fire flies in a jar. That is kind of what I want to do with all these people taking pictures. So, just so everyone can enjoy the show let’s take 30 seconds and I will make all the faces I am going to make and you can take all the pictures you want.” Ed makes a series of faces. He says “Thank You! Good Night!!! Okay, now lets enjoy the rest of the show okay?”)

04. Without You
05. More Than You Know
06. Light Today

(Ed says “Those were some quiet ukulele songs and this ukulele is from 1952 and is made by Gibson. It was the first one they put in pick ups and knobs on. I am only going to turn it up to two because to go any louder would break symphony rules....Welcome Houston, you know I spent a few years around here growing up and some of my first memories are from here. Like my mom cutting my hair and watching it blow away in the wind and then feeling this excruciating pain like my legs were on fire. My legs up to my knees were covered in fire ants. It looked like I had living socks. And then my uncle driving me in a car and us getting caught in a (tornado/windstorm?) and my uncle telling me we are going to be okay but I didn’t believe him. And I have been mining those early memories for material for the rest of my life. So thank you Houston for those first memories of pain and terror.”)

07. Loud UkE

(Ed compares this song to about a relationship to a car. Talking about the excitement of an new car and a new love, “that new car smell...that new love smell” and how a couple have different tasks to keep the car up. Sometimes the car falls into disrepair and you have to get out and hitchhike.) [very paraphrased]

08. Thumbing My Way
09. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

(I did that song because I was asked to do it by Sean Penn for “I Am Sam” and speaking of Sean I am just gonna keep on going into the wild okay?)

10. Setting Forth
11. Far Behind

(The audience starts shouting requests and general noise. Ed says, “I hear ya, I hear ya. I just ain’t listening. I will listen later okay?”)

12. Guaranteed

(a woman in the audience shouts “can I have a guitar pick?” Ed says, “sure, let me use it first then I will give it to you.” He then checks in with the people in the upper balconies. “How are you guys doing up there? Are you as high as you look?”)

13. Rise

(Ed discusses his injury that only allowed him to play guitar for about 90 seconds before his arm went numb. He is happy that people were able to reschedule and come to the show. He hated postponing the show. The other hard phone call to make was to Glen Hansard who was scheduled to open. When Ed called Glen and said the tour was getting pushed back Ed relays Glen’s response in a dodgy Irish accent, “don’t worry about it. Just tell me when you want me and I’ll fucking be there.” So not only is Glen a great musician about a great friend.” -slightly off mic Ed says “terrible, terrible” referring to his accent and promises Glen he will stick to his Bruce (Springsteen) impersonation.)

14. Long Nights

(“I don’t know what to say about this song so I just won’t say anything”. He starts playing the song and continues, “except it is a true story...It really happened. It probably happened a million times...It is probably happening right now...Probably right in this room...I hope not.)

15. Betterman

(Ed claims he isn’t much of a shopper but “around this time of year you go shopping for other people and sometimes when you are shopping you find something for someone that you think looks pretty good and you end wanting to keep it. This next song is like that. It started off as a song about someone else and ended up being about me. I wish it wasn’t still so relevant to me..”)

16. Off He Goes

(George hands Ed a guitar but there appears to be some issue with it so Ed asks for another one. “Yeah, this one is a little happier to be in Texas)

17. Parting Ways

(Ed says someone gave me a great bottle of wine today and I was just reminded of that song “take a bottle down and pass it around”? Well, this bottle ain’t getting passed around, so thank you very much. He also says “since the band (Pearl Jam) hasn’t been here in like ten years I plan on reporting back to them about you so, Mat turn up the lights so we can see a little, so the band came together through disfunction and we wrote a lot about that and it looks like we all turned out pretty good.”)

18. Porch

Encore Break 1

(Ed thanks the audience. He compliments and encourages them on their singing noting that it sounds great in this great room. “It feels a little punk rock to play electric ukulele in a symphony hall and I couldn’t have done it without you. This next song took on a new meaning when somebody else did it. They made a video for it and it is really powerful and gave the song a new meaning. I think he heard about it through his son Lukas but I am really proud to have Willie Nelson and Lukas do a version of it.)

19. Just Breathe

(“I know I have told this story before but every time I place this song I want to do it like Willie does, it isn’t even my song anymore he is just so great he does it like this...” Ed sings ‘Just Breathe’ using Willie Nelson's style of phrasing and vocals and then goes right into..)

20. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

(while vamping on “I Won’t Back Down” says “I want to dedicate this to my favorite person from Houston. He is no longer with us and I hope you know of him. Bill Hicks, and I am going to borrow this from Tom Petty for him.

21. I Won’t Back Down
(Speaking of Houstonians, one I just met last night. I don’t get to play this song unless I meet a woman who can sing it with me. I could do with with Glen but that ends being a sort of ‘Broke Back Mountain’ situation so let’s have her come up her, my new friend Moji.”

22. Tonight You Belong To Me w/ Mojisola Sehidat Abiola
23. Society w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed tells Glen he wants to experiment. He has a new arrangement of the next song. He plays a very fast version of ‘Sleepless Nights’ which causes Glen to laugh. Ed laughingly says “fuck you it’s my show...okay, I have another experiment.”

24. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen[ no mics or PA]

(Ed mentions his sister is a Houstonian and he wants to dedicate the next song to his sister, not because of the content but because it is a beautiful song)

25. Falling Slowly w/ Glen
26. Forever Young- Dedicated to Garret(?)

( Ed says the next song was a request by Billy. He wrote the song for a film and played all the instruments himself but to replicate it he would need to bring so many people on tour his tickets would cost $1100 dollars. He would also need a lot more hotel rooms. All for a song he plays about once a tour and is really an experiment so he is going to play an instrumental version off of his tape machine and sing along.)

27. Better Days
28. Rockin’ In The Free World

Encore Break 2

29. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard & Mojisola Sehidat Abiola
30. Dream A Little Dream-(Kahn, Schwandt, Andree)

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 Post subject: Re: 2012-11-13: Houston, TX: Jones Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:37 pm 
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Very nice set. Did anyone here go to this show?

 Post subject: Re: 2012-11-13: Houston, TX: Jones Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:28 am 
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I was at this show. Crowd was a little more relaxed the 1rst night.

Both setlists are amazing, and glad I finally got to hear:
Off He goes
Parting ways
the End
tonight you belong to me.
thumbing my way
Those are just a few highlights off Night 2

2 great shows for Houston. :mrgreen:

It's nice to be in Houston tonight." "Now, some people may just say that, but I really mean it." "I Plan on reporting back to the fellas." -Eddie Vedder. Houston TX, 2012.

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