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 Post subject: 2012-12-03: Clearwater, FL: Ruth Eckerd Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:04 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: 2012-12-03: Clearwater, FL: Ruth Eckerd Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:02 pm 
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Looking for REALLY, REALLY, good tickets for this or the other Clearwater show.
I'm talking first couple of rows good.
While not condoning I am willing to pay it takes to get there.

 Post subject: Re: 2012-12-03: Clearwater, FL: Ruth Eckerd Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:08 pm 
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Anyone going to the pre-party before the show that's listed on Facebook?

So excited. I'm staying that the Spa and Resort the days of the show. I almost figure there's no chance of meeting Ed anywhere.



So it's Barack Obama now? Good luck.

 Post subject: Re: 2012-12-03: Clearwater, FL: Ruth Eckerd Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:28 pm 
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Ed covered NIN's Hurt? Bad ass. Sounds like another obnoxious drunk Florida crowd.

 Post subject: Re: 2012-12-03: Clearwater, FL: Ruth Eckerd Hall (Ed Solo)
PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:36 pm 
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Don’t Be Shy
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Can’t Keep
(Ed discusses writing and the evolution of the next song)
Sleeping By Myself
Without You
Light Today
(Ed drops his beverage glass. His tech comes out to clean it up and Ed asks for a beer because it would be easier to hold. He decides not to play the next song on the set list. The crowd shouts requests but he can’t make out what they are shouting. He asks for them to do it one at a time or appoint someone. He picks a particularly loud person to make the request. I couldn’t hear it but Ed replies, “no man, you are way off base. We gotta pick someone else...Yeah, okay... I will play Van Halen.” He plays the intro to “Ain’t Talking ‘bout Love” for about 5 seconds then stops. He says, “I know what I am going to play.”
I’m One
(“That is a song I wouldn’t play every night out of respect for the author who is Trent Reznor. I lived in Seattle when there seemed to be an epidemic of people dying from heroin. But I have been thinking a lot about all of the people I knew who have died from overdoses and I have been wishing they were still here.”)
Dead Man
(Someone in the audience asks Ed how his arm is doing. As Ed tries to explain, the audience starts whooping and shouting random things. One seemingly drunk woman repeatedly shouts things and Ed finally asks her if she is okay. He apologizes for using bad language with his children here. What I assume is the same woman shouts a string of gibberish at Ed for several seconds. Ed says, “That is a really long sentence to be shouting at someone. Just stop now okay?” Ed manages to finally start talking about his wife and family and how fortunate he is to be able to write a love song and have every word be true. He dedicates the next song to his wife and her grandfather Jim.)
Just Breathe
(Ed talks about moving back to Chicago after living in San Diego when he was 17. He was very poor and took subways or busses to the library and would watch movies and look at music books. He would copy the chords from the books onto newspapers and scraps. Photocopying was “above his means” at the time. Years later he was asked to play a Beatles song for the film “I Am Sam”. Ed asked if the song was taken because he knew it really well. Ed thanks Sean Penn, who is at the show, for hiring to play the song for that film as well as the film “Into The Wild”.)
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Setting Forth
(While Ed is getting his guitar changed, he notes that the crowd are “some rowdy Floridians guys are really great and you go right up to the edge then you go over the edge and it is really not so good. Ya gotta watch that edge.” More requests are shouted and one particularly loud woman shouts “Ship Song.” Ed says, “I played that last night. Trust me, I got this. I got it all under control, respectfully yours.”)
No Ceiling
(Ed says, “When I first started touring Sean Penn would ask me to play “Long Nights.” I told him I needed someone to play bass on it and at the time I didn’t have anybody to do it. So, this might be the first time that he gets to see it, because he is here tonight. And this isn’t why I mention it because that isn’t why he is here. Sean is just on his way to Haiti where he has been working valiantly to help people there. You can help out by going to the website So I want to play this song for Sean who is a real hero and is doing real work to help.”)
Long Nights w/ Glen (for Sean Penn)
Lukin (with “Slow Lukin” intro)

Encore Break 1
(Ed talks about meeting his boyhood idol, baseball player José Cardenal. Ed says they say don’t meet your heroes because they will only disappoint you. Sometimes it goes the other way and they go beyond your expectations. This one is for you José.”)
Unthought Known
Loud Uke
Won’t Back Down
(“This is one of the few tours where at the end of it I feel pretty good. I am enjoying it so much and I wish the tour was longer. So, Wednesday night we will be in Atlanta at the Kettle Club...okay that last part was complete bullshit...but you know, I have some work to do. We gotta finish the next Pearl Jam record...I think one of the reasons I don’t want this tour to end is because I am going to miss playing with Glen so much. It has just been fantastic and I really am going to miss him. The next song is the best song on “Into The Wild” and I can say that because I didn’t write it. It was written by Jerry Hannan from Northern California.”)
Society w/ Glen
(This is the first song Glen and I ever sang together. He came down to the studio while we were working and helped us out. It is sung by The Everly Brothers. Grandpa Jim might know it.”)
Sleepless Nights w/ Glen
(Ed talks about the upcoming song and all of the talk about the “Fiscal Cliff.” He talks about how the very wealthy people in the banks and corporations got bailed out and now it is time for the people to get some relief.)
This Land Is Your Land w/ Glen
Falling Slowly w/ Glen
The End
(Ed thanks the audience and says it has been a pleasure playing for them tonight. He goes on to talk about the “Wounded Warriors” project. He talks about the friends of his that are soldiers and says, “We can be anti-war but pro soldier. People try to turn it around and say it is unpatriotic. But it is clear that we are anti-unnecessary war and we want our soldiers to be taken care of and supported. He mentions all the soldiers that are wounded. He says that for every one soldier that is killed over seas another ten commit suicide.
He also talks about the tragedy that occurred at Roskilde and how that lead to the creation of the song “Arc”....this is the healing prayer I send out to... (the soldiers and the people killed at Roskilde).”

Encore Break 2
Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard
Tomorrow Night

From under my lone palm i can look out on the day

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