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Is a change in the SPL voting structure dead?
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Author:  Hallucination [ Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Is a change in the SPL voting structure dead?

Here's the background:

In the SPL (Scottish Premier League),there are 12 clubs and if they want to change anything, the current voting structure is 11-1. In other words, for there to be any change, 11 clubs have to vote in favour of the change. As long as at least 2 clubs vote against the change, the change doesn't happen. To change the ratio to 10-2, this change in voting structure would need a - you guessed it - 11-1 majority.

The problem is, there are 2 clubs who benefit from the way Scottish football is run and have for decades voted with each other to block any kind of change which would financially harm them, and benefit the rest. These 2 clubs are Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. These 2 clubs have huge support due to a mixture of glory hunters and political support.

In the last close season, Glasgow Rangers got relegated to the 4th division of Scottish football. So assuming Rangers get promoted every season, Scottish Football has 3 seasons to vote through a change in the voting ratio.

We're now half way through the 1st season and there's lots of talk about restructuring, but nothing about changing the voting structure.

So the question is, has Scottish football blown it?

p.s - I've been drinking mulled wine so apologies if I've made a hash of this post.

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